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Innovative UK developed software products for pallet loading, product and packaging design, and container and trailer loading, that will enable you (whether an SME or a multi-national) to reduce your warehousing, transportation and packaging costs

Gower Optimal Algorithms Ltd ceased trading at the end of August 2018 following the retirement of two founding directors. We are very pleased to say that we found a team of like-minded people to take on our legacy. Miralis Data are, like ourselves, data scientists focused on optimisation in the logistics world.   

Consequently, for all sales, support and maintenance queries with PALLETMANAGER and CARGOMANAGER please contact Miralis Data:

Miralis Data Ltd, White Cross Business Park, South Road, Lancaster LA1 4XQ

Tel: 01524 68818

For over 30 years Gower Optimal Algorithms Ltd was a market leader in helping companies reduce the cost of warehousing, transportation and packaging costs. It has delivered through academic research and then through its software solutions, PALLETMANAGER and CARGOMANAGER. Deployed in over 40 countries and used by household names such as Disney, Heineken, DHL, Panasonic and Diageo, our software has helped revolutionise how products are designed and packed for delivery.


Improve your pallet fill and and reduce vehicle movements and warehouse space requirements.

Reduce packaging material usage thus cutting costs and help meet environmental & recycling targets.

Rationalise case / packaging designs to avoid waste and duplication.

Tell you exactly how you can improve pallet / tray / box fill with a single click of the mouse.

Quickly examine the impact of product design on your packaging, palletisation and distribution costs.

and to report in English, French, German or Spanish using paper, email or internet.

VIDEO: View a short (Flash) video here or the mp4 video file here  [It may take a few seconds before the video starts]

"PALLETMANAGER enabled us to save 25,000 pounds / year in distribution costs on just one of our hundreds of product lines." Distribution Department, Mookie Toys.

"PALLETMANAGER - Simply a tool every packaging technologist should have!" - Cuisine de France (Aryzta Group).

Use CARGOMANAGER to answer such questions as: 

How much more of this product can be loaded in this trailer? 

How many containers / trailers are needed for this load? 

Which container / trailer size is most suited to this consignment? - whether a single container load or a consignment requiring 1000 containers!

How to maximise the weight packed in a container for weight constrained loads.

and whilst doing so show you on screen and printer the loading plans and picking lsits for 1 or 1000 containers. All this in your choice of English, French, German or Danish languages.

VIDEO: View a short (Flash) video here or the mp4 video file here [It may take a few seconds before the video starts]

"CARGOMANAGER is used to plan loads and check stows of mixed product. It does in a few minutes what could take a human nearly a day and feeds our work mix and pricing systems" 

If you have thousands of products needing optimal TiHi solutions MULTIPAL can assist.

The above picture was taken on the beautiful Gower Peninsula - the UK's first designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - just a few minutes away from the GOAL offices.)


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