Company and Contact Details.




Gower Optimal Algorithms Ltd ceased trading at the end of August 2018 following the retirement of two founding directors, this after over 30 years of providing clients around the world with market-leading software and consultancy that deliver solutions to a variety of logistics problems. We have passed on the highly successful software products PALLETMANAGER and CARGOMANAGER to a like-minded company  - Miralis Data.

Sales, support and development are now handled by our good friends at Miralis Data, who themselves have over 40 years combined experience in providing logistics and packing optimisation software and consultancy. For all sales and support enquiries regarding PALLETMANAGER and CARGOMANAGER or for advice, guidance and consultancy please contact Miralis Data at:

Tel: +44 (0)1524 68818

If you need to contact them post, their address in Miralis Data Ltd, White Cross Business Park, South Road, Lancaster LA1 4XQ.


Should you need to contact former staff of Gower Optimal Algorithms Ltd on any matter NOT related to PALLETMANAGER or CARGOMANAGER then the following contact details may be used: