Software download.



You can download evaluation copies of PALLETMANAGER and CARGOMANAGER using the links below. 

If you find these of interest and wish access to a 21 day full Trial version (where pallet / container size CAN be varied) then please email   giving full details of yourself and your company.

Please note that these downloads must NEVER be installed on any computer which has a licensed copy of the same product, and if downloading several applications each must be installed in a separate folder (this will occur naturally if the default locations are accepted). 

Please read the following points carefully BEFORE download:

These evaluation copies can only be installed LOCALLY on your pc.

They will run as full applications but utilise fixed (non-standard) dimensions for pallet / container size.

Downloads all use standard Installshield / MSI installers - Windows versions up to and including Windows 8. 

For USA/Canada - Imperial mode configuration of PALLETMANAGER and SLIPSHEET MANAGER is carried out on the opening screen. CARGOMANAGER only operates in metric mode.

With all products a full manual (in some instances 150+ pages) is installed with the application. Users are strongly advised to print out and read the 8 page Getting Started / Guided Tour (part of the manual - accessed from the front screen) before using the software.

As well as the above installed manuals PDF versions of all current manuals and Getting Started Guides can be accessed at:


Also note that some virus checking software may initially suggest that the downloads below are suspicious - purely based on the relatively small number of times (not hundreds or thousands) they have been downloaded. On more detailed examination they should confirm that they are not really suspicious. If you are concerned then please request by email - a full trial system on CD allowing you to tackle real problems.


To download PALLETMANAGER - which allows you to investigate the optimal palletisation of individual products, design cases, specify packaging, load trays, examine the sensitivity of solutions to dimensional changes etc etc - 

Download Link [This download of around 11Mb is PALLETMANAGER 9.00 - April 2018]

To download CARGOMANAGER - which helps you maximise space utilisation in a freight container, trailer, pallet or any other rectangular based enclosure. It caters for both individual and mixed product loads (up to 20,000 items in a container / trailer). It also compares the efficiency of loading various selected container sizes with a specified cargo, whether just one container or 1000 are being loaded.

Download Link [This download of around 7Mb is CARGOMANAGER 6.00 - April 2018]