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Useful Internet Links.


The following links may be of assistance to customers and others.

Institute of Logistics - http://www.iolt.org.uk/

Other Logistics Links:
American Society of Transport + Logistics
Canadian Assn of Logistics
Council of Logistics Mgt
Cranfield Logistics and WWW Sources
Global Logistics Village
International Journal of Physical Distribution
IJPDLM Journal
Logistics City
Logistar Database
Logistics World Discussion Group
Reverse Logistics
Return Logistics
Siemens Logistics
Total Logistics
Trade Compass
Virtual Logistics Directory - Useful Internet Sources

Other non-logistics links

Travel Route Planning & Mapping.

Train Timetables

Station Departure Boards - Swansea A&D 

Phone Directories: www.118118.com and www.thephonebook.bt.com 


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