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Both PALLETMANAGER and (to a lesser extent) CARGOMANAGER are modular. Thus you will need to contact us for a quotation for supply: sales@goweralg.co.uk or via phone on +44 (0)1792 368413. This ensures that you purchase those parts of our modular software products that you really need and that we offer you the best possible price taking account of other users in your company or associated companies. Pricing starts from a few hundred UK pounds, with systems including all available modules costing significantly more.

PALLETMANAGER has a base module Palletise, with modules such as Collation, Tertiary, Fixed Volume and Store building on this (please see this summary page, our packyourpallet website and/or the full software manual for further information).

CARGOMANAGER has 2 basic forms - one packing just a single container / trailer at any time (either a single size or comparing load efficiency using multiple sizes of container); and the other catering for loading up to 1000 container / trailer loads in a single step (using either a stated container size or comparing load efficiency using multiple sizes of container).

Details of our end-user license agreement can be found here.

Details of our ongoing Upgrade & Support Contract can be found here.

In order for us to dispatch the software we require the following information by email or fax/post.:

The full company name and delivery address, contact name and telephone & email details (in case of any delivery problems).
Confirmation of the agreed price (for supply and 6 months support & upgrades).
A purchase order number or confirmation from an authorised person of the request to purchase.
Important! - for purchases from within the European Union (not including the UK) your full company VAT number (otherwise we will have to add VAT to the invoice).
We will following dispatch invoice you. Payment should be made by bank transfer or a cheque in UK pounds. (Quotation / payment in Euros or US dollars can be arranged). 
We can also accept Visa/Amex/Mastercard etc. for payment - details here.

The above can be sent by email to sales@goweralg.co.uk or phone/fax as above.

We will within a day or so of receipt dispatch the requested software and documentation. We normally utilise either Swiftair airmail service for overseas clients (or for some locations the UPS courier service), and we will confirm the dispatch to you by email.

Our company details: Gower Optimal Algorithms Ltd.

Company established: 1986

UK Company Registration Number: 2008786 

VAT Registration: GB / 438 6116 44

Postal Address: 5, Whitestone Lane, Newton, Swansea SA3 4UH, UK.

Bankers: National Westminster Bank. (Full details on all Invoices)


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