MULTIPAL - Batch Analysis of pallet utilisation.



Batch Analysis of Optimal Pallet / Slipsheet Utilisation -

Do you have data on many thousands of products held in a spreadsheet?

Do you need to know QUICKLY how many of each product can be fitted OPTIMALLY onto your standard pallet / slipsheet size?

Perhaps you are designing a new warehouse and need to know how picking quantities relate to the number of pallet positions required.

Do you have to optimise using a variety of different pallet / tote sizes and need to know how each of your products performs on each of these storage types?

Whilst our PALLETMANAGER or SLIPSHEET MANAGER software is the natural choice for planning / investigating individual products (and is likely to be essential for detailed planning of key products), we are able to provide utilities which can take in data on many thousands of products (e.g. from a spreadsheet), and provide you with information on the optimal pallet performance of each product on one or many different pallet / tote sizes, returning these back into your spreadsheet.

Individual requirements will vary, and in some instances you may prefer us to actually perform the analysis for you. We have a powerful set of routines which we can adapt to meet individual requirements and provide you with optimal utilisation figures for all your products.

We should stress that we are talking about OPTIMAL routines to provide you with a powerful analysis package.

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