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This page provides information on recent releases and ongoing development work. 

The latest releases of PALLETMANAGER (v9,0) and CARGOMANAGER (v6.0) were sent out in April to all those on maintenance contracts. 

These include a range of technical and operational enhancements, many developed as a result of user feedback.

Technical support information can be accessed here.

Ongoing Work / New Products.

We have also been doing further work on a new product MULTIPAL designed to carry out a complete analysis of palletisation efficiency of hundreds or thousands of products in a single step and report efficiencies back into a spreadsheet. Details here: http://www.goweralg.co.uk/multipal.htm

We have also being doing work on the automated production of PALLETMANAGER reports for hundreds or thousands of products in a single automated operation.

If you have other ideas or require further information on the above please email us - support@goweralg.co.uk .


We have a range of tools and techniques that may well be useful to clients with other packing and space utilisation problems. For example we have recently been working on problems of case rationalisation and shipper standardisation. We also have considerable expertise in the application of state-of-the-art solution techniques (simulated annealing, genetic algorithms, evolutionary algorithms etc) to a range of logistics and scheduling problems. As a result of recent restructuring within the company we are now in a strong position to be able to offer bespoke solutions as well as continuing to develop and enhance our range of generic products.


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