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Case Rationalisation.



Many companies are faced with having a wide range of case designs for their products - perhaps one or more for each product - when in fact a sub-set of these sizes might potentially be used. This can lead to significant savings in the costs of the packaging material itself and savings derived from the reduced packaging inventory requirements.

Whilst PALLETMANAGER includes powerful features which allow those designing new cases to identify in advance cases which are similar in size to one which they are designing, many companies are faced with the problem of having hundreds or thousands of different cases sizes and a need to rationalise these in some way. 

GOAL can help you solve such problems!

The objective of our case rationalisation module is to determine the dimensions of a smaller number of cases / totes / shippers that can be used for storage and transportation of a large product range with minimal wastage. Given the complexity of the analysis required the computational work is normally carried out by GOAL. 

Input to the module are details of the current product range (dimensions, weight, and annual quantity shipped), together with some indication of the objectives (e.g. % reduction in the number of cases to be used), together with all relevant constraints on the dimensions of the cases or the maximum weight load per case etc.

The module will then determine the optimal dimensions for the required number of cases, and allocate each product to the most appropriate case. Objectives such as minimising wasted space within cases, and maximising pallet utilisation of the palletised cases (if appropriate) can be defined. It is assumed that each case contains a single product packed in layers and that pallet loads will consist of identical cases palletised in the usual PALLETMANAGER fashion.

As with all GOAL products, the core of the module is based on state-of-the art optimisation techniques. 

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