William Dowsland

B.Sc, Ph.D. (Wales), C.Eng, MCMI, MBCS, CITP, FORS.

Company E-Mail: bill@goweralg.co.uk

Personal (academic) E-mail: W.B.Dowsland@btconnect.com


BSc (1st class Honours) Industrial Systems Engineering, University of Wales Swansea, 1973.

PhD in Management Information Systems, University of Wales Swansea, 1977.

Employment History.


Lecturer, OR / IT, University of Wales Swansea.


Senior Lecturer, OR/IT, University of Wales, Swansea.

2001-date Managing Director, Gower Optimal Algorithms Ltd, Swansea, UK. www.goweralg.co.uk / www.packyourpallet.com / www.packyourcontainer.com 

Research and Consultancy Interests: Operational research applications; cutting and packing; IT applications, e-commerce / e-business.

Training / Lecturing Interests: IT applications; information and decision systems; business computing; operational research, Logistics.

Overview: After gaining a first in Industrial Systems Engineering I went on to pursue my doctorate in the area of Management Information and Decision Systems, and subsequent research has been both in this area and in the application of heuristic techniques in Operational Research, in particular to the problems of cutting and packing. As well as my management role, I am involved in a range of consultancy work for both international and local companies.

Clients: Our company provides logistics solutions and consultancy to companies worldwide including Arjo Wiggins, Boxes Prestige, Carillion, Chivas, Diageo, Disney, Draper Tools, Estee Lauder, Fergusons, Guinness, Meyer Prestige, Northern Foods, Panasonic, Princes, RHM, Scottish Courage, Taylors, TDG and Unilever.

Membership of Societies and Working Groups

Selected publications.

Combinatorial Optimisation - Tools for Practical Problem Solving, with K. Dowsland. OR Insight, v19,3, 3-13 (July 2006)

Vaid S., Dowsland K.A., Dowsland W.B. (2002), 'An algorithms for polygon placement using a bottom-left strategy', European Journal of Operational Research. 141(2) 371-381

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Jacobs G. , Dowsland W.B. (2000). 'The Dot-Com Economy in Wales: A Long Road Ahead'. - Proceedings of the 5th Annual Conference of the UKAIS, Cardiff, 26th-28th April 2000. pp. 590-596. ISBN - 007 709755 6

Dowsland K.A., Herbert E.A., Dowsland W.B. and Bennell J.A. (1999), 'Incorporating Tree-Search Bounds into Genetic Algorithms for Packing Problems', Proceeding of 3rd International Metaheuristics Conference - MIC'99, Angra dos Reis, Brazil. July 19-23 1999. pp 189-192.

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