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Software Updates.



This page provides users with access to details of software updates to our products. These may be enhancements to the general releases or 'bug fixes' to problems which have been encountered. 

In July 2016 we released released new versions of PALLETMANAGER (v8.2), CARGOMANAGER (V5.5) and SLIPSHEET MANAGER (v8.2). These versions are compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 10 and are subject to ongoing updates.

Since that time we have identified one bug in PALLETMANAGER 8.2 that might impact on one or two users.

Windows 10 comes with a built in printer driver - Microsoft Print to PDF. Due to the unique way in which this printer driver operates this driver will not work with v5.2 as released - it can 'hang' the application. (all other standard printer drivers and all other PDF drivers we have used work fine].

We have of course overcome this and the executable file here: pmprint.exe  can be downloaded and placed in the PM installation folder to correct this issue. Users of the STORE module who wish to print to this specific Microsoft printer will require a 2nd file that can be accessed here : sa0700pr.exe . Once again it is placed in the PM Installation folder.

Alternatively contact us for other ways to access these files.


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Page last updated 12th November 2016.