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Upgrade & Support Contract.



Upgrade and Support Contract.


Users purchasing a license for PALLETMANAGER or CARGOMANAGER or SLIPSHEET MANAGER are provided with software updates and telephone / email support for a 6 month period from the purchase date. After this period they will normally be contacted and offered an ongoing update and support contract. This provides the following:

Supply of regular software upgrades and ongoing bug fixes. [New releases of both products are usually produced every 12-15 months, with any bug fixes being incorporated into the software on an ongoing basis].

Provision of new computer or printed media to the end-user as required in the event of loss or damage.

Maintenance of, and free access to, technical support documents on the Gower Algorithms website. [www.goweralg.co.uk].

Provision of telephone / email support to assist users in making best use of the software and overcoming operational problems. [+44 1792 368413 or support@goweralg.co.uk ]

The telephone / email support line operates weekdays between 9am-5pm excluding UK public holidays and the period between Christmas and New Year. On occasion a voicemail system may be in use. Whenever possible a staff member will make an immediate initial response to an enquiry, or at the latest a response will be made the next working day. In the event that software errors are identified to GOAL, then we will endeavour to rectify the problem(s) and provide updated software. The support contract does not include any on-site operations.

Whilst GOAL have made, and will continue to make every effort to ensure their software performs effectively, in no event can GOAL or its suppliers be liable for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages arising out of the use or the inability to use the software product.

Note (November 2015):

During the last 12+ years both products have undergone a series of major upgrades. We are pleased to report that very few software 'bugs' have been identified during this time. Any users affected have in nearly all instances been fully operational again within 24 hours. Occasionally a fault may prove difficult to replicate but having done so we have always been able to provide a software update within 2 working days.





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